Aircraft Tyre Fenders

Our stocks of aircraft tyre-fenders
Aircraft Tyre-Fender cut with round chain holes only (Deliver in loose)
Aircraft Tyre-Fender cut with round chain holes only (Deliver in palletizing)

No conventional tyre is built as durable and strong as an airplane tyre.

  • The thick rubber tread contains heat-welded nylon cords, reinforced by additional fabric breakers between the tread and core body. This compact construction giving an Airplane tyre greater strength and protection;
  • The wide shoulder, sturdy and elastic sidewalls which are capable to cope with heavy impact loads;
  • Provide considerably longer service lifetime in return helping to cut costs in repairing, replacement of fenders, labor and downtime;
  • Our aircraft tyres come in good condition; i.e. non-buff with remaining rubber treads, no fabric fraying and sidewall cut;
  • We have all sizes ranging from small to big, perfectly fit to suit your boats/vessels;
  • Ideally to upcycle and use as a boat bumper.

Design & Fabricate for Projects

We specialize in designing, customizing and fabricating all types of fenders using our Aircraft Tyre-Fenders for marine vessels, bunkers/tankers, tugboats, barges, oil rigs, wharfs – anywhere else when a good quality Tyre Fender is required.

Aircraft Tyre Fender Ship Sets

Aircraft Tyre-Fender ship sets completed with our design U-lug hanger, chains, and shakles only
Aircraft Tyre-Fender ship sets completed with our design hole protectors, chains, and shakles only
Aircraft Tyre-Fender with chain and shackles only
Aircraft Tyre-Fender with our design hole protector only

Our ship fender sets are customised based on your request and delivered in a complete set.

  • Convenience
  • Easy to use & installation
  • Time-saving and increased productivity
  • Hassle Free

You can hang the ship sets immediately onto your vessel upon receiving the products.

Accessories for Tyre Fender

The accessories to be used for Tyre Fenders are as below:

➤ Galvanized Chain

➤ Galvanized Screw Pin D-Shackles

➤ Sling Belts

➤ PVC Clear Hose

➤ Our Design Hole Shields / Hole Protectors

➤ Our Design U-Lug Hangers / Tyre Hangers

Re-netting Pneumatic Fenders

We provide:

  • Full inspection
  • Dismantling & disposal of old damaged netting and tyre fenders
  • Washing of body
  • Re-netting of new chain net with our aircraft tyre-fenders